If I sign up as a weekly mowing client, what happens on weeks my lawn doesn’t need to be cut?

Residential Landscape

Our certified staff will always evaluate your lawn’s condition before mowing. If your lawn doesn’t need to be mowed, we won’t mow it. At T.M. Landscaping, LLC, we take a proactive approach to lawn care and maintenance. During our evaluation, we’ll keep an eye out for any potential turf issues that may need attention. For example, if we find that your lawn’s thatch layer is especially thick, we might recommend our dethatching or core aeration service.

What are fall and spring clean-ups? What do they include?

We offer clean-up services twice a year to help keep your lawn and landscape looking their best at all times. During our spring clean-up, we rake leaves and debris from lawn areas and clean out all shrub beds. Driveways and walkways are also swept clean. During our fall clean-up, leaves and debris are cleared from lawn and bed areas, driveways and walkways are swept clean, and perennials and ornamentals are cut as needed.

What types and color of bark mulch do you offer?


Red Hemlock: 100% pure hemlock, with a rich, natural reddish color. This is not a “fake” painted wood mulch.

Premium Mix: A mix of hemlock and pine barks. Similar in color to hemlock, but at a reduced cost.

Aged/Dark Pine: A mix of pines. Dark brown (almost black) in color.

Aged Hemlock: Deep red in color.

Pine/Spruce Mix: A mix of pine and spruce barks with a rich brown color.

Playground/Safety Mulch: Soft-landing playground surfacing is a natural wood color mulch that meets or exceeds ASTM standards for head injury criteria. (See our Artificial Turf Page for other options!)

Enhanced Mulch: An organic mulch that provides humus and nutrients to the soil as it breaks down, improving air circulation and helping to prevent soil diseases. The darker brown color gives it a “dirt” like look.

If I have a question on my bill, who do I call?

If you have questions regarding your bill, estimate or any other business matter, please call the office at 978-468-8065 and ask for Tom or Karen. Or, e-mail us at info@tmlandscaping.com.

If I would like to accept your estimate for a job, what should I do?

Sign your estimate and return the white copy to:
T.M. Landscaping, LLC
P.O. Box 2412
S. Hamilton, MA 01982.
Once our office receives the estimate, we will contact you with a start date. Yes, it is that easy!

Why are you not cutting my lawn shorter?

Lawn Mower

Mowing is critical to keeping your lawn vibrant and healthy. There are three primary ways to keep your lawn “a cut above” the rest:

1. Do not cut too short: The rule of thumb is, “The hotter the weather, the higher you should leave your grass after a mowing.” This promotes deeper roots, prevents water loss by shading the soil, and reduces weeds by preventing sunlight from warming weed seeds. Taller grass not only cools the soil, but it reduces heat stress.

2. Mow often enough so that no more than ⅓ of the total grass blade is removed at any one time. Leaving grass too short leaves stalky-looking crowns and stems that are susceptible to browning and a scalped appearance. Recovery from a single “scalping” can set healthy growth back for weeks.

3. Keep mower blades sharp. A dull mower blade can rip and shred the tips of your grass blades, turning them a bleached, tan color and leaving the entire lawn looking brown. For best results, call Maestranzi Brothers of Beverly to sharpen your blades. This should be done several times each year. If you have a large lawn, your blades should be sharpened at least once a month during the growing season.

What time of year should I dethatch my lawn? Aerate?

Fall is a great time of year for both of these services.

Does fertilization really work? What about my children? Pets? Are there any dangers? What should I be concerned about?

With regular applications of balanced fertilizer throughout the year, T.M. Landscaping, LLC can give your lawn the nutrients it needs for optimum growth. These nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, each of which contributes significantly to the overall health of your grass. Nitrogen promotes foliage production, phosphorus encourages root and seed development, and potassium helps to hold water and maintain general vigor.

We apply fertilizer with the utmost concern for the safety of you, your children and your pets. All fertilizer products are approved by the EPA and do not pose any dangers.

Should I edge and mulch annually?

Edging and mulching will improve the beauty and value of your property investment. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, mulch provides a variety of real benefits, including:

1.) Conservation of moisture in the root zone.
2.) Maintenance of a uniform soil temperature to reduce root damage.
3.) Prevention of soil crusting for better water absorption.
4.) Reduction of weeds to keep planting beds looking better all season.

What is slice seeding?

Slice Seeding

Slice seeding is a method of lawn renovation that slices through the sod and plants new seed directly into the soil, therefore eliminating the need to strip the existing soil or till the yard. Because of this, it is one of the best and most economical solutions for repairing your lawn.

Slice seeding machines use slicing knives that cut through the thatch and into the soil, creating furrows and mixing soil with the thatch. Seed tubes then place the grass seed into the furrows. Finally, disks or rollers close soil over the seed. Because of the direct seed-to-soil contact, slice seeding provides much better germination and growth rates than grass seed that is spread either by hand or with a spreader.

What is pruning?

There’s much more to pruning than just cutting branches. It’s really a combination of
science and art, and if done properly, it improves both the health and the looks of your trees. Here are five types of pruning that can benefit the trees in your landscape:

Crown Thinning – Removes smaller outer canopy branches, helping to reduce weight and increase sunlight and air penetration.

Crown Cleaning – Selectively removes hazardous, dead or dying branches from the tree canopy.

Crown Raising – Removes lower branches to increase clearance under the leaf canopy (also known as “elevation” or “limbing up”).

Crown Reduction – Carefully removes certain stems or branches back to lateral limbs (as opposed to “topping,” which leaves large, open wounds that subject the tree to disease and decay).

Crown Restoration – Corrective pruning done over a period of time to restore good structure and appearance in trees that have been damaged or topped.

What do I do if I want to increase my property value with landscaping?

You should consider our professional landscaping services if you’ve ever thought about any of the following:

• Adding beauty or value to your home
• Expanding your available living space
• Creating an entertainment area (for pool parties, barbecues or just relaxing outside)
• Covering up unsightly aspects of your property
• Adding privacy to your landscape

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is our specialty, and we’ll blend our years of experience with your input to make your landscape something you can be proud of. Call us today at 978-468-8065. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation to determine the best landscaping options for your unique needs and budget.

How do I know I am choosing the best landscaper for me?

As in any profession, it’s important that we know our job. Professional knowledge means more professional results. Our landscaping staff must meet special training and testing requirements in order to be licensed or certified to work on your property. Then, for certification to be maintained, ongoing education and training must continue every year.

Before we work on your property, you can be sure that we not only know what we’re doing, but how to do it best. This means better results and fewer problems for you when you employ only carefully trained and certified professionals.

What do I do if I am super happy with your job? What if I am not?

If you are super happy, we ask that you e-mail us at info@tmlandscaping.com telling us why. Also, please click here to like us on Facebook, leave a nice comment and pass our name along to your friends, neighbors and family members. If you are not super happy, please call us IMMEDIATELY so that we can do whatever it takes to make you super happy with the job done. That is our mission.

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