Horse Paddock

We love horses. Tom grew up on a 12-horse stable farm and took it over when his father was diagnosed with Goodpasture’s disease. They say a man’s best friend is his dog. Well, for Tom it was the horses.

We keep fence materials on hand so that we can provide a quick response when called about a broken fence section. We’ll take every step possible to protect your horses from injury or escaping while performing our work. Our staff members are trained to work around horses, always keeping the safety of both riders and horses their number one priority.

When designing a new installation (or repair), we’ll deliver an efficient, aesthetically pleasing, well-planned arena layout, allowing you to focus on your horses and riding. We will work with you to leverage your knowledge, resources, goals and interests in order to achieve outstanding results. In addition, we will do the proper research on the most up-to-date materials, ensuring that the materials we put down are safe for both riders and horses.

Our equestrian services include:

• Arena Installation & Repair
• Horse Fencing Installation & Repair

• Manure Removal
• Paddock Maintenance

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